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Ike Eisenmann prepares for his interview - photo by Anna Cota Dodge
A headshot from Ike Eisenmann's teen years
Ike Eisenmann interviewed for "Dear Ike"
Dion Labriola interviewed for "Dear Ike"
Dion Labriola on at interview set in Los Angeles for "Dear Ike" - photo by Anna Cota Dodge
Dion's 8th grade class photo
An animated reenactment set in the halls of Roswell Kent Junior High
Roswell Kent Junior High School, Akron, Ohio
One of Dion's creatures from 1977
One of Dion's creatures comes to life in an animated scene from the film.
Simon-Oe, one of Dion's characters from 1978
Milno, one of Dion's characters, displaying his magical powers
An article about Ike in "16 Magazine" from 1977
Ike Eisenmann stands next to his father, Albert Able Eisenmann
Ike's father, Albert Able, as Houston kid's show host, Cadet Don in 1963
Carmella Moore, interviewed in a classroom at Roswell Kent Junior High
Actor Talon Bohn records voiceovers as the voice of Young Dion
Jay B Johnson gets footage of Firestone Park Elementary School in Akron, Ohio
Jay B Johnson shoots in downtown Akron, Ohio
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